Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Australian Wish May 2006

Included in Friday's Australian was the ultra shopping guide. Janne Apelgren provides an insider's guide to Australia's great places to shop, lust objects, foodie haunts, and secret indulges in all states. Again these are for future references.

Hobart - Chocolate from Norman and Dann at Salamanca Place, Adelaide - Haighs Chocolates the original 1915 Haighs Chocolate on Beehive Corner, Perth - Chokeby Road, Canberra, Bruno's Truffles - Bruno Ehrensperger makes more than 50 varieties by hand.

But why do iceream and chocolate always come under secret indulgences. Is there something to be ashamed off by being interested in chocolate and icecream?
Australian Gourmet Traveller.

Can one explore the world of chocolate via the internet? The April 2006 edition of Australian Gourment Traveller lists some of the world's ultimate chocolate experiences across three continents. Only two of those experiences are in Australia at Circa's snickers in St. Kilda and the Quay's five textured chocolate cake in Sydney. The rest are in Europe and America. As the Internet addresses of these fabulous places are included in the article I am off to see what they have to offer just for future reference.

The River Cafe's Chocolate Nemesis
Thames Wharf, Rainville Road,

Laduree's macaroons
16 rue Royale,

Circa's Snickers
The Prince, 2 Acland Street,
St. Kilda

Nobus Chocolate Bento Box
105 Hudson St,
New York

Perse's Chocolate S'mores
10 Columbus Circle
New York

Pierre Herme's chocolates, cakes and macaroons
72 rue Bonaparte St Germain,

La Maison du Chocolat's bonbons
225 rue du Faubourg, St Honore,

Quay's five textured chocolate cake
Upper level, Overseas Passenger Terminal,
West Circular Quay

Lavoratorio Don Puglisi
Vico De Naro 9 Modica,

L'artisan du Chocolate's liquid salted caramels
89 Sloane St,

Many of the webpages were not in English, however the pictures spoke a thousand words. Valrhona chocolate was the basis for many of these recipes. I was really interested in the choice of food and the price of the restuarants advertised.