Sunday, April 30, 2006

Garden Week at Perry Lakes 2006
Coffee Connection (mocha)
Coffee Crusaders (latte with syrup)

This week's visit to the annual Garden Week 2006 was an opportunity to explore and experience the world of mobile coffee vans and stalls and compare them with the coffee shop. Perhaps I don't get out much but the coffee and the type of facilities available to visitors at temporary events like the Garden Show 2006 seems to have improved significantly. Gone are the days of instant coffee, hot water a bit of milk served from catering companies interested in charging like a wounded bull with their captive customers. These mobile vans are offering a wider variety of choice than some of the conventional coffee shops that I have been to recently along with a range of cakes, confectionary and drinks.

ABC Delicious Magazine
Free Guylian Belgium Chocolate

The first thing I noticed was the chocolate is pretty close to the expirey date. It was June 29 2006. The chocolate has gone slightly white (the result of being exposed to temperature). It fell to pieces as I opened it. Some of the bits resemble the picture on the wrapper. A bar of milk chocolate divided into sections with a white/milk mould of a sea creature. Typical Guylian. The middle was filled with a mild strawberry flavoured substance.

The chocolate was nice because its free. It was also a case of what happens when chocolate that has been left a bit too long loses its flavour. Would I ever buy Guylian again? They are not really my thing as far as chocolate goes. An acquired taste.

It also doesn't pay to buy magazines in the supermarket. Last time I brought ABC Delicious I didn't get my extra magazine. And besides why should I give a supermarket my money and not get my free gifts which I get when I buy them at a family owned newsagency?
Gallery Circuit Weekend
Backwater by Matthew Hunt - Holmes a Court Gallery
Chernobyl, 20 Lives at Arthouse Gallery
WA Press Photograher's Award-Alexander Library

Newspaper Articles
'Image Fatigue' by Sebastin Smee. The Weekend Australian.
'Art in a Backwater' by Ric Spensor. The West Australian Weekend Extra.

The weekend. Time for coffee, newspapers and galleries. (Not the news of course but the reviews of art, photography and movies plus all the latest on sport in particular rugby union).

Matthew's Hunts latest exhibition is part of the Holmes a Court collection's new program of biennial exhibitions in support of Western Australian artists. His medium video, photography and installation explores the themes of history, memory, myth and psychology. 'Art in the Backwater' in The West Australian Weekend Extra discusses this latest exhibition (April 29 2006).

The West Australian Press Photographer's Award is collection of photographic images from the media in Western Australia taken at a diverse range of events throughout the state. 'Image Fatigue' by Sebastin Smee in the Review in The Weekend Australian agues 'In a culture saturated with visual images and increasingly cynical about their manipulation, photography is losing its status of as an artform'. He discusses the art form of photojournalism and its relation to realism.

Chernobyl - 20 Lives is a photographic exhibition that documents the lives of 20 people in the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Lativa after the Chernobyl disaster and the impact the disaster has had on their lives.