Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mint Chocolate

Dove Peppermint Affair (200g)
Nestle Aero (125g) $3.40
Lindt Mint Excellent (100g) $3.09

Mint and chocolate are two of those flavours that go perfectly together.

Dove Peppermint. A layer of crisp peppermint crunches in milk chocolate covered by a layer of smooth cool peppermint creme. Made in Australia by Nestle with easy to read nutritional information and great value for money when on special. The crisp peppermint crunches grated on my teeth a bit like chalk on a blackboard. Nice mild flavour although not enough peppermint creme.

Areo. Minty flavoured bubbles of chocolate covered in milk chocolate. Perfect combination of chocolate that melts in your mouth and peppermint flavour. Made in the UK. Expensive slightly more money and slightly more chocolate than Lindt but still yummmy.

Lindt. Familiar quality Lindt milk chocolate with a really slightly mint flavour that doesn't distinquish from ordinary Lindt milk chocolate. Made in Switzerland with easy to read nutritional information. Lindt is always value for money and a little bit of chocolate for a little bit extra is always worth the investment for a chocoholic.


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