Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Take Away Coffee

Take away coffee is like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. First Goldilocks tried father bear's porridge. It was too hot. Then Goldilocks tried mother bear's porridge. It was too cold. The she tried baby bear's porridge. It was just right and she ate it all up. That is my story of take away coffee in Perth.

Muzz Buzz - Cappuccino
Di Mondo (Midland) - Hot Chocolate
Swan Valley Cheese Shop (Midland) - Latte
Cino to Go (Subiaco) - Mocha
Bocelli (Railway Station) - Speciality drink
Miss Mauds (Perth) - Flat White


Blogger Simone said...

Hi Jennifer!

Love you blog (not into coffee, but love chocolate!), and like to keep up to date about things happening in Perth! (especially for my new blog http://www.enjoyperth.net )

I've added you to my Blogs link list, let me know if you're ok with that! :) (oh, and do you want me to add a description?)

ANyway, main reason for commenting, Abstract Gourmet has also just done a post about coffee/cafes in Perth, though you might be interested...

If you hadn't seen it already....



(ignore my old dutch blogger blog!)

9:21 PM  

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