Monday, May 01, 2006

The student and campus coffee.

No Ordinary Place by David Malangi at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery
Malangi Mob at Indigenart
The Movies (New World)

When I was a student I dreamed of studying at the University of Western Australia. UWA was and still is the best of the best when it comes to arts at university. I dreamed of being an anthropologist, travelling the world, living and exploring different cultures. While I didn't make it to UWA I did make it to another university where I studied anthropology and travelled to exotic worlds of people like the indigenous people of North and South America and Rom gypsies via the lecture room and textbooks. But UWA remained the ultimate with its lush green gorgeous gardens and parks with Morten Bay figs, close to the Swan River, with Winthrop Hall towering above the tree skyline, its long walk ways filled with students, staff, academia and visitors going about their daily business and tall handsome sandstone buildings either side. I am going to wander around the University checking out the Lawrence Gallery and find out what has happened to the university coffee because as a student I spent many hours in my university cafateria talking with other students and drinking coffee.


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