Monday, May 15, 2006

Darrell Lea
Infusions Coffee

Darrell Lea is an Australian icon.

Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Whipped Nougat Bar
The Darrell Lea chocolate (lite 50% less fat per gram than the average chocolate bar) at first didn't look too inviting. I have never been too keen on coffee flavoured anything or dark chocolate. But what a pleasant suprise. The first bite was distinct dark chocolate and soft vanilla flavoured nougat, the coffee flavour being very mild. The second bite was more vanilla flavoured, the soft chewy nougat with almonds and a slightly stronger coffee flavour followed. By the last bite all the flavours the almonds, vanilla nougat, coffee and dark chocolate emerged into one small ball of delicious sweet chewy substance.

Dark Chocolate Coated Chocolate Log
Toasted coconut and a milk chocolate crunchy centre smothered in a rich dark chocolate. Very hard to describe as it is an unusual combination.

Infusions Coffee is a family run business formed in Perth in 1997 based out of the Coffee Connection at the Hilton Hotel. Their first retail outlet was established in the Fremantle Markets, then the Subiaco Pavilion Markets followed by other makets. They produce a range of chocolated covered delights covered in Cadbury's coverture chocolate, use Braziliano coffee and make a range of muffins, biscults, nougat and turkish delight.


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