Friday, April 21, 2006

Sunday Afternoon
The Deep End (Radio National) Narinda Reeders
Emma and the Barista
Iced Coffee
Whittaker's Chocolate Peanut Bar and Coconut Bar

Emma and the Barista is a 15 minute quirky film about the relationship between a barista, their coffee and the customer. Emma, a lonely working woman stuck in a rut looks forward to her ritual morning coffee, before her daily grind at the computer.

Emma hardly notices the barista behind the counter who remembers her order. She notices the latte art he performs in front of her. The coffee begins to take on a meaning more, than just a hot drink, with every mouthful she takes. The next day the Barista makes conversation with her and he begins to feature in her office daydreams.

The Barista and his coffee have awakened Emma's inner passions. The next day she takes care with her appearance, and she has a different spring in her step as she heads off for her morning ritual and daily grind. But there is a new barista and Emma enquires about her barista. Her barista has gone. She orders a coffee. Disappointed the coffee ends up in the bin as it is not quite the same as the coffee made by her barista. Her daily grind begins again.

Iced Coffee (Super Food Ideas October 2002)

2 cups of boiling water
2 tablespoons instant coffee
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 cups of ice-cold milk
8 ice cubes
4 scoops of icecream (any flavour)
1 cup of whipped cream

Whisk water with coffee and sugar. Cool. Stir milk and ice cubes. Pour into tall glasses. Finish with icecream and cream. Top with grated chocolate srinkles.

'White Collar Undone' by Narinda Reeders at the Centre of Contempory Photography in Melbourne is an exhibition on the fantasies of office workers. The photographer asked office workers for submissions on their office fantasies and daydreams. Her replies ranged from the dark to the highly amusing. They were then used as the basis of the photographs on display. Sounds like a really fun exhibition.


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