Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Northbridge Barista Academy
Perth Centre for Photography (Amy Nelson White)
Re-Store Lake Street Northbridge

Western Australians put their coffee making skills to the test at the state's first ever Barista heat in the Australian Barista Championships last weekend. The winner will compete in the national championships and if successful will take a trip to Switzerland to compete in the World Championships.

According to my student barista campionships checksheet the competitors would be checked for the production, presentation and serving of the drinks plus the cleaning and correct use of equipment and hygiene standards plus a bit extra because they are not students. They were required to produce an espresso, a cappuccino and signature drink.

My lecturer's voice comes back again to me again and I can hear her say 'its all about the crema' with judges looking out for the perfect golden crema.

The competition was held at the WA Barista Academy in Northbridge. The Academy has just opened its doors, and is running courses using commercial and homemade machines. I would love to know the results, who the best baristas are and where I would find them in Perth.

Doing another course in coffee is something I really need to think about if I want to consume and write about coffee seriously even though I completed and passed the course run by TAFE as part of the Certificate in Hospitality and is nationally accredited.

Grinding, blending, roasts, packing and filters, tamping, milk frothing and stretching, cappuccino, flat white, espresso, short black, crema, aroma, tastes, mouthfell, filtered, percolator, and plunger plus a whole lot more that I really need to really get my head around.


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