Thursday, April 27, 2006

My favourite chocolate

Whittaker's Chocolate
Peanut bar and coconut bar
White milk chocolate

Whittaker's deserve a post all on their own as they are my favourite chocolate other than Lindt. Once upon a time the only Whittaker's chocolates (a family owned and run company from NZ) that were readily available in Perth were their peanut slab bars, bars of milk chocolate filled with whole roasted peanuts. They were and are such great value for money as the peanut and coconut bars are the same weight as Cadbury chocolate bars but about 30 to 40 cents less. While peanuts and chocolate go perfectly together, other companies like Cadbury and Nestle did not put them together in blocks of any size until recently. Whittaker's peanuts bars are usually found on the bottom shelves in supermarket confectionary departments because they couldn't afford to buy the shelf space.

I was so impressed with Whittakers that I wrote to them to tell the company how much I enjoyed their peanut chocolate bars. A few weeks later three by three packages of peanut slab were sent to me all the way from New Zealand (in all 12 bars of chocolate). Since then I have found a range of their products including slabs and bars in speciality shops and Farmer Jacks in Subiaco an unlikely place for a chocoholics heaven.

Whittaker's have a great webpage that contains all the nutritional information and ingredients and allergy warnings on all of their products. I know exactly what I am eating and the quality of the chocolate. The webpage shows Whittakers chocolate produce an extensive range of products many not available in Australia. Two flavours I would love to try are the kiwi fruit and grapefruit flavours. Their process for producing the products from havesting to wrapping and distrubuting is outlined in a simple easy to read collection of snapshots on their webpage.

Whittaker's chocolate have a unique creamy strong cocoa flavoured chocolate and contain whole roasted nuts rather than bits and plenty of them whether they are brazil, hazel, peanuts, cashews or almonds and lots of fruit. Other favourites include the roasted coconut bar and white milk chocolate. Perhaps what I really like about Whittakers is they think outside the square when it comes to chocolate.


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