Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movies (Failure to Launch)
Chocolate Coated Bomb

My favourite movie genre romantic comedy and a chocolate coated bomb. I haven't had a chocolate coated bomb in years, probably since I was a child. Once upon a time they consisted of one scoop of vanilla icecream covered in a thick layer of chocolate in a wafer cone. I had lost interest in buying overpriced food from the candy bar at the movies years ago.

What flavour the girl behind the counter asked me? There is more than one? She rattled of the list. Be adventurous a little voice in my head said so I chose spearmint chip. After I tackled the chocolate coating I struck the mild spearmint flavoured smooth cold icecream, full of dark chocolate chips. As I scraped back thin layers of spearmint chip icecream with my teeth I realised this wafer cone held a quiet a lot of icecream with lots of chocolate chips and it seemed to go on and on forever. The sides were also covered in chocolate and when I reached the bottom of the cone there was a nice blob of chocolate. I felt completely satisfied as I settled into watch the film and even more satisfied when I left after having a few laughs.


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