Monday, April 17, 2006

Lindt White Chocolate Bunny
Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs isn't like Christmas. Some of my friends hate it because it but I love it. It is the only time I get presents that I absolutely adore. It is of course commerical and it is a time of over indulgence by children and adults alike.

For myself it is a time to return to the traditions of Easter both pre-Christian and Christian. Yes, those rows and rows of chocolate eggs, chickens, rabbits and hot cross buns do have meaning even though it gets lost in the commercialsim. There are numerous egg customs associated with Easter. Eggs are painted, eaten, exchanged as gifts, hidden for children to find which my sister does for her children. Before Christianity people gave eggs, rabbits and chickens as presents. Many children believe eggs are delivered on Easter Sunday by the Easter rabbit. Eggs are universally the sign of fertility and new life.

In the Northern Hemisphere Easter is celebrated in the Spring while in Australia it is celebrated in the Autumn. The traditions of observing the religious aspect of Easter in Australia dates back to the earliest days of convict settlement in New South Wales. Other migrants soon followed and today Australians celebrate Easter in a number of ways.

Sunday is a time when families celebrate and exchange eggs and chocolate. Hot cross buns are eaten, the delicious spicy buns with sultanas inside and shinny brown top decorated with a cross.

Eggs look dead from the outside but contain life inside. The shell is like Jesus' tomb and to break it open is like opening the tomb and a new life beginning when Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

Of all the imported chocolates avaliable in Australia Lindt chocolate is my favourite. I love to give Lindt and receive it. I just love the quality familiar taste of Lindt chocolate that reminds me of special times and celebrations. What is different about Lindt this Easter is the white chocolate bunny. I have never found or consumed a plain block of Lindt white chocolate. I have of course had the white Lindor chocolates, white creamy milk chocolate with a soft centre... little balls of heaven wrapped in bright gold paper. Then there is the white chocolate in their gift boxes with a crunchy almond texture.

My other delight at Easter have always been birds eggs. Cadbury are the company that make these wonderful little treats...solid chocolate eggs wrapped in a crunchy sugar coated substance. The taste of the crunchy sugar coating and smooth milk chocolate is just devine. Imagine going all the way to Tasmania and not going to the Cadbury factory. My parents did.


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